Abducted Me - Insurance didn't go through

Alien Crossing

Alien Crossing Ahead

Take me homw

But the stars in the sky look like home take me home

Far Out

Far Out

Say Cheese

Did you say Aliens - Say Cheese

My Brain

My Brain is full of aliens


When you come home and thew boys are chiefing.

Morning Phone

Waking up in the morning and looking at my phone like


Did the humans receive our message? Yes. but they call it Dubstep and they dance to it...

Forgot Meds

I don't always believe in UFO's but when i do it's because I forgot my meds.

You saw

You saw it land where?

Cat Told Me

The Cat Told Me About Seeing A UFO I Said "Are You Lion' To Me?"


Take us to your leader

UFO Cats

UFO Cats retreat to the space places. They are onto us.

It Was Us

I'm not saying it was us but it was us.

Blaze With

Who would you rather blaze with?

You’re Drunk

Go Home Aliens You're Drunk

Gay Test

GAY TEST - If you noticed the UFO landing...


U F.O.

worst camera

A UFO?? Quick, Grab the worst camera we own.

Juan Go Home

This UFO Land On My Head I Just Juan Go Home